the Battle of Dan-no-ura at the closing of Sympathetic Connections

"On the twenty-fourth day of the third month at Dan-no-ura, to the east of the Shimonoseki  strait between Moji and Akama, the Heike were completely destroyed." Tale of the Heike 

For the closing of ³Sympathetic Connections²,  Von Bark & The Zen Existential Puppet Theatre  and the artist, Libby Hague, created within the sculpture installation a retelling of the sea battle of Dan-no-ura a story of courage, loyalty and suicide. Andrew Paterson was the narrator, in the role of Hoichi, the bard who sang for an audience of ghosts.

No happiness is so certain that it canıt disappear in an instant and so we  ask: how can we be good, how can we be for each other, and how can we survive?
The nuclear plant was included as a reminder of our vulnerability because the  Fukushima disaster  happened at the time of the making of the installation.
Fukushima was also the coastal city from which the Genji embarked for the battle of Dan-no-ura. 

video of Battle of Dan-no-ura

view of the installation after the performance.