copyright explanation


Consider this a present to you. These books are available for viewing or downloading. All the images and text unless otherwise noted are mine. It's free assumming you are using it for non commercial purposes. All I ask is that you credit me or the rightful creators of the material.

I am in the process of contacting the writers whose work I quoted more extensively for their permissions. Don't assume I have been granted this yet.

If you find I have made an error or wish to bring a copyright issue to my attention, please email me.
I wanted to do a "soft launch" for Peace Day which is September 21 so I've loaded pdf's that are organized for screen viewing. It's still my intention to do printable versions of the pdfs where the pages paginate effectively. You can consider sending your images and comments here and I can try to incorporate them into the site. If you choose to do so, I only want images for which you have copyright. It's fair that way,