Marianne, saves the baby in the box. Like each of us, she has a limited ability to affect change and like us is unable to anticipate the good that can come from small acts of kindness. When gang rivalries lead to anarchy and war, the problem for everyone is how to end it. Again Marianne does something important. She tells a joke. A very good joke where everyone laughs. The laughter breaks over them like a new emotion. Suddenly itıs possible to talk to each other. Conversations lead to unheroic solutions like compromise and the rule of law and from this emerges the fragile solution of forgiveness. Peace. Everyone becomes an artist. Itıs perfect. Now that we know the ending we can concentrate on how to get there. Martian Odyssey is loosely structured on the conventions of the epic, the utopian novel, the science fiction film and the video game. Martian landscapes courtesy of NASA, and stellar skyscapes courtesy of Hubble, form the backdrop to the story acted out by small characters printed in stone lithography - foreigners in their digital world.


1. Luck 2. play 3. Riddles 4. Corps de ballet 5. The Girls 6. translation 7. Weave 8. Net 9. Slow motion 10. Big Bang 11. Rage 12. the disaster 13.White Arms 14. The Wrong Boat 15. Alouette 16. Plague 17. Ah... 18. String theory 19. Laughter 20. Dreams 21. Rules 22. Amnesia 23. Justice 24. Forgiveness 25. Day after peace 26. Un-rebuilding 27. Blue-sky-blue 28. Play again 29. Stars are wide 30. Sing