The characters in order of appearance are : the toddler/ a deer/ the broken conga line/ 2 beasts in chains/ the hunter/ the goons (happy-go-lucky barbarians)/ small animals (the canaries in the mine)/ Lucinda (witness in a cage of ribbons)/ broken conga line (what remains)/ angels (the better angels of our being)/ a deer/ a man and a woman who start again A looped sculptural piece where people keep trying, keep messing up, but are given the chance to start again. The meaning is dependant on point of view or point of entry. It can be seen as hopeless - we keep screwing up - or hopelessly optimistic - we keep being pulled back from the edge. The themes are intentionally more sombre than the palette. It reads as an allegory of the expulsion from the garden - itself an allegory of innocence, corruption and renewal.

shown at a*level, 124 Peter St., Toronto, Canada Feb. 14 - 28, 2002