Brief Synopsis: Parade is a masked procession which begins playfully but slides out of control. Without spoken dialogue (but using found sound), the two video components rely on a dense visual texture to shift from play to violence, mingling the sentimental with the destructive. On the right side, watercolor figures are collaged on video footage of actual parades. The left side relies on archival footage of a political campaign and "some of the backroom boys" for a relentlessly approving audience. Structurally, the inherent visual conflict of the two screens embodies the tension between the audience and the actors. Since the left screen audience is made of a shorter loop, the two halves converge and interact at unpredictable times, posing questions about the complicity of onlookers.


2000, beta sp, vhs, mini-dv, 720 x 480: stereo: 6:25: (This work is also available for a double looped projection. Each screen 720 x 480)

part of Torontoniensis' "Songs of the Waterfront" exhibition at Queens Quay Gallery as