our town
Brief Synopsis: A child's society - its vitality, violence and distance from the adult world is underscored by the suicide of a friend's mother. The slippage between the child's and adult's world is personified by a technique of static animation in which hundreds of watercolour, ink drawings are superimposed on an out-of-register real world, composed of a nine minute dolly shot of a suburban housing project.

video: beta sp, SVHS and VHS 9:10 min.,

2001 / 2002

read the script in
The Sharpest point, animation at the end of cinema
edited by Chris Gehman and Steve Reinke

pub. YYZ books/OIAF/ Images festival 2005

isbn 0-920397-32-8

-"All Hers", curated by Sinara Roza as part of Festival International de Cine de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2002

-Images Festival, Toronto, 2002, Marion MacMahon Award and honorable mention for Best International Video

-Mediawave International Festival of Visual Arts, Gyor, Hungary curated by Sinara Roza 2002

-The Lady Show, curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland and Zoe Stonyk, V Tape, Toronto, June 2002

-Videaste Recherce-e 2002, la Bande Video, curated by Chris Gehman, Kelly

seen as part of art installations in:

"leaving their mark" , curated by Ingrid Mayrhofer, McMaster Museum of Art 2005 catalogue essay Dr. Alison McQueen ISBN 1 - 894088-52-2

Shelly Bahl + General Idea Yael Brotman + Utagawa Kuniyoshi Libby Hague + Georges Rouault


Cut out at Leonardo Gallery
133 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5R 2H7
September - October 2005
Urban/suburban constructs of
Libby Hague, Bonnie King, Luis Mallo, Jason Van Horne, Lisa Dahl and Colin Zipp

curated by Alisha Linseman (with catalogue)