905/our town

print / sculpture, steel, ribbon, paper, magnets, watercolor

A cast of characters, some "real" and some in masquerade, inhabit cramped theatre sets and revolving platforms; they perch with ridiculous confidence at the edge of an abyss or hide under whatever inadequate shelter they can find. When they hide, being on thin paper, they tremble in the current of air caused by the viewer's approach. Anxious and naive, the characters exist in a variety of shifting relationships. A person may be decent in one relationship and a shit in another. The power dynamic keeps shifting because there is an actual or implied potential for movement in the pieces. Some have wind-up motors and others have magnetised figures which can be moved around a steel stage. When the sculptures are viewed as a group, it's unclear if we are looking at the same house at different times, or if we are looking into cross-sections of different homes on a suburban street. Read in the latter way they form a community - you can call it the suburbs - whatever - it's our town , the place we grew up + tried to make sense of the world outside the front door. There are about 30 sculptures in the series.