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Undressing: A sequence of events from left to right:  A woman undressing; a twisted sculpture partially conceals a twisted figure; 2 red waves; a florescent yellow rectangle of paper; a speed skater / rescuer rushes in; a third red wave

Undressing, from My Story of Sublimation, woodcut sequence, 86 x 22 x 2.5 in.,
March 4 - April 8, 2023, Snap (Society of Northern Alberta Print- Artists) Edmonton, Alberta

Paradise from Simple Gifts: Small characters continue their journey and cross over a river to join their lost family and friends.

Paradise from Simple Gifts ( detail) woodcut installation
a tangle of bodies

Above Complications, watercolour and collage from RIsky Business
Risky Business, Artsy, in CMS Art Projects
, 2022


not recent but close to my heart:

Martian Odyssey: I will not be sad in this world*
he book project


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