stills from puppet experiment 1

Brave Interventions
As part of the YYreZidency program adjunct programming at YYZ for Be Brave! We are in this together

Every exhibition can provide a formal clarity and distance which furthers self understanding. Interventions are also distancing filters which connect us to another creative person during the short window of our availability. The format layers rather than blends ideas so that each contributing flavour stays visible, distinct, and delicious. 

I am gradually getting the videos done for the performances. They left me amazed at human possibility.

Please check back for details and other news
and look at my You tube channel with the low key name of Libby Whatever
Saturdays from 1 - 3

May 26 - Philip Anisman- reads from Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace
June 2  - Catherine Carmichael  I found it in the street - a movement based soundscape
June 9 - Erica Iris - vocal exploration
June 16 - Andrea Cerswell  - vocal exploration
June 23 - Zoja Smutny - dance based 
June 30 - Maev Beaty -  performance and vocal

download the YYZ poster (4.4.Mb)