Habitat: for Kelowna 2017

Combining the compressed structure of a graphic novel with the physical immersion of installation, this Habitat loosely mirrors the city of Kelowna. The lake divides the city in half - sunset in the west and sunrise in the east - the left side darker and right side lighter both actually and metaphorically.

It is intended as a choice between two ways of living in the world. It is inspired by Spinoza who said that we are either increasing the joy or the sadness in the world, a shocking and empowering thought, as if we each come to a crossroads and must decide which way to turn.

Habitat is an enormous apartment complex, filled with the messy lives of its occupants, overheard conversations, smells, sounds, thoughts, misunderstandings; "real" people and figments of their imagination; the through-story of the prodigal daughter. The weight of the precarious structure rests on the four small characters on the base line.

thanks to my fellow artists,
Gisele Amantea, Yael Brotman and Laura Vickerson, the curator of this group show, Liz Wylie for her careful planning and my patient and pleasant assistant Clea Haugo.

It shouldn't have been as much fun as it was.


List of sources for the numbered quotations. (Text without numbers was written by the artist)

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Habitat (Kelowna) city and sunrise

Habitat (Kelowna) sunset and city

Habitat (Kelowna) sunset detail

Habitat heaven (detail)

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