photo credit : Peter Legris
Habitat overview panorama

Habitat: Our world; our chance

Pancho (a small, enthusiastic dog) has a vision of heaven, but chooses the neighborhood dogs. 

The ideas that shape our lives and give them meaning can also waste our time and prevent us from being aware of the everyday miraculous, even the everyday ordinary.

Combining the compressed structure of a graphic novel with the physical immersion of installation, Habitat layers over a
sub-current of violence, the vague promise of a blue heaven, a last glorious sunset and Habitat itself. 

Habitat is an enormous apartment complex, filled with the messy lives of its occupants, overheard conversations, smells, sounds, thoughts, misunderstandings; "real" people and figments of their imagination; the through-story of the prodigal daughter.

  Handmade from woodcuts with the addition of sculptural objects, wigs and belts to create the right amount of chaos. 

Harbourfront information

thanks to the curator of this group show, Patrick Macaulay for another leap of faith, and the able assistants who helped me install it : Mark and John Angus.

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