"Spectacular setting 2 hrs from Huntsville, hot and cold running water, wild life, must see"

Too good to be true?
t's Disney with a twist, nature from life and the imagination. A print installation on Okawara paper, 11 x 26 x 1 ft.
@ Lennox Contemporary Gallery in Washi! part of the World Washi Summit 2008, organized by the Japanese paper Place and the unstoppable Nancy Jacobi
Lennox Contemporary is at 12 Ossington Ave. Toronto ON. M6J 2Y7, tel. (416) 924 7964
gallery hours Thursday - Sunday 12 - 5

other artists in this show: Brian Kelley, Paul Kershaw, Kurt Pammer, Tammy Ratcliff and George Walker

The installation parallels a misleading advertisement that sells us what we want to hear - in this case the Canadian breakfast myth of getting a cottage up north. However, this cottage ( and by extension nature) are presented as sentimental projections that ultimately prevent us from really seeing what we are up against. I thought I needed a shock element to make a crueller point about endangerment and ultimately extinction so I went back and made the alterations below.