Gravity drawings: more light / less darkness
showing with Maria Gabankova
February 4 - 26, 2012

photo: Peter Legris

"My studio has several projects on the walls and on the go; some take several years and others, fortunately, come together in less time. A problem in one medium can migrate as  a solution to another and so my studio  is a semi-organized confusion that auto-generates ideas."                  Libby Hague,  World of  Threads interview    


To show the development and migration of ideas, this exhibition shifts between the model of a curated show and a studio visit. By cross-referencing work with its generative sources, it tracks the excitement of parameter shifts, sharing the logic behind the hybrids. Demystifying the process says  "This is how I think" and "This is what I thought". 

The exhibition  includes experiments with light, colour,  texture, density, happiness, vulnerability, change, resistance to change, metaphor and darkness. 

"Gravity drawings" refers to the material handling of very liquid paint  and to constructions that succumb to or resist gravity. 

"More light / less darkness" interprets as an optimistic human good the black and white tension lines in the prints and watercolours, an openness of approach and making art.  

Q & A with Maria Gabankova  Sunday, Feb. 12, 2 pm moderated by John Armstrong