Love Letters from the Paradise Apartments

Weaving a pattern of longing for Valentine's Day and the rest of February, this installation tries fervently to connect the two solitudes of the two windows of the Natural Light Window Gallery. In each window we see a cross section view of an apartment building where individuals in their separate rooms attempt to connect with each other across the gap.

How? Messages are sent on ribbons back and forth like seedcakes from mouth to mouth.

What? The work will explain how this can be done by following the more or less successful examples of Leopold and Molly Bloom.

Why? Close your eyes. Breathe. You know why.

Natural Light Window Gallery 504 Adelaide Adelaide and Portland Streets, Toronto NW corner February 2 - 28, 2007 street viewing daily until bedtime

Paradise Apartments is an ongoing series of time sensitive installations taking place in window galleries across the country. The next instance will be in Victoria in March.