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for a preview of Martian odyssey: I will not be sad in this world*

This is a fantasy of starting over where children try to work out the rules of a new society.Set on Mars at an indeterminate point in the future, the work is loosely structured on the conventions of the epic,the utopian novel, the science fiction film and the video game.The underpinning subject is the persistence of patterns of human behaviour - as Iago says,the love of mischief and the love of cruelty are as natural to human beings as sympathy.

A preliminary edition of 30 booklets,complicates and connects the individual artworks in the Martian Odyssey series.Read together,they suggest an exit strategy -a kind of compromised redemption in what would otherwise remain merely a war story.These draft editions serve as a basis for comments that will be incorporated in the first edition of the booklets planned for the fall of 2007. I'll update this cite soon to give more information about the book project.

Fourteen works from a series of large martian landscapes courtesy of NASA, and stellar skyscapes courtesy of Hubble,form the backdrop to a sustained narrative acted out by small characters done in stone lithography -foreigners in their digital world.
I would like to thank the Toronto Arts Council for a grant that helped in the production of this work.