"leaving their mark" , curated by Ingrid Mayrhofer, McMaster Museum of Art, Feb 13 - May 15
catalogue essay Dr. Alison McQueen ISBN 1 - 894088-52-2

Shelly Bahl + General Idea Yael Brotman + Utagawa Kuniyoshi Libby Hague + Georges Rouault

Leaving their mark comprises work in video, installation, painting and printmaking. Three contemporary artists were invited to select work from the Museum's permanent collection for inclusion in their group exhibition. Their choices of masters reflect personal influences as well as the legacy of diverse movements in art history. Every advance in printmaking has created an opening for future generations of artists to explore new ground. Bahl, Brotman and Hague share with the masters a dedication to craftsmanship and to extracting the highest aesthetic potential from their materials and tools. The traditional qualities of printmaking not only inform new hybrid practices, they remain central to continued exploration in visual art. (Text Ingrid Mayrhofer)