Waves of catastrophe

Libby Hague refers to a poem by Christopher Logue to explain Hold Me Tight, her latest exhibition at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse (4296 St-Laurent) through July 25.

Logue writes there are many ways to know something and Hague wants her audience to bear that in mind when they take in her imposing paper wave.

At first glance, it's difficult to understand what exactly the installation
represents. There is too much going on to adequately describe it: fans blow strands of colourful paper; long strips weave into a wave; the wave curls over a mound of fake money and food. The overall impression is chaotic.

Hague's art often focuses on a disaster and rescue theme, this time examining greed and over consumption after the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Indeed, it has a gloomy feel with its collection of food fit for a bomb shelter, but there's also the possibility of re-growth in all this mess. "There's war but there's also Beethoven. The balance for destruction is art. It's the wonderful thing that humans do," said Hague. Wonderful is an apt way to describe Hague's breathtaking and inspirational work. One look just isn't enough!