trial inflation at city hall Friday the 13, 2013

This interactive work asks viewers to spin a wheel of fortune and question a child/oracle about the meaning of a shifting, night-long, monster and child drama.  A 12 foot child/ oracle is suspended before us, evoking feelings of tenderness and wonder.  Behind her is a giant inflatable spider-like monster, a multi-legged being, considering vengeance for all the insects we have killed. 

The monster can rise to a great height.  Its legs move when we pull on guide ropes, so it also becomes our monster. The child has less room to manoeuvre but she has insight.  She speaks to us. She answers our questions.  She becomes our oracle. 

Mirrored mylar discs are suspended from the child and from the monster, reflecting viewers back to themselves, showing that we can be both innocent and wicked and that we shouldn't be too sanctimonious or too complacent.  This work will provide an opportunity for viewers to safely explore the darker pull of their imaginations and to feel the conflicting pull of chance, risk and responsibility. It sends us out into the night with the oracle's answer.

for more information go to Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Thanks to the following people and suppliers for enabling me to make this: Pat Macaulay
, curator; Umbereen Inayet and Allison Duchaine, the City Hall project managers; Stephen van Breda at PUBLI-AIR - Inflatable Solutions; BALLOON CELEBRATIONS; George Myers at Redden Net, Langley, BC; Sam Zhang for microprocessing assistance, Mitchell F Chan at Interaccess for microprocessing intro and assistance; Serge Fortin of Iron Age Design for metal fabrication; Jennifer Maramba for ongoing studio assistance  

What we want to know:
Are we alone?
Can I trust you?
Are we happy?
Should i be afraid?
Should i believe?
Am i responsible?
Can i help?
Will things fail?
Can I improve?
Does the earth revolve around the sun?( this question is too long so I refer you to my Home made Science Project and
to this link)