Art Gallery of Misissauga' s exhibition brochure




Because this is a retrospective, I have been considering my work as if time had both a flow and a simultaneity. While the order of the work is not chronological, the gallery installation is. The gallery space is used as a metaphor for the duration and shape of a life, beginning with a birth wall and ending at the end with death. By looking at the future and the past, I want to examine the moral complexity of human beings now. In other words, this is a different approach from one thing after another .
Thank you to the AGM's Interim Director Terry Jenkins-Bricell and Director Mandy Salter for this exhibition opportunity. Special thanks to the AGM Curator of Contemporary Art Kendra Ainsworth, her colleagues and the exceptional installation team led by Michael Beynon, including Brandon Dalmer, Van Loc and co-op students Sai Ariyanayagam and Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing.