Pattern Recognition Dec.31 - Jan 22, 2017, Loop Gallery, Toronto


a link to video of different sound pieces will be posted soon

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How much is too much? You begin with one object, then add another.  At a certain point, our minds rebel at having to hold it all together. Nevertheless you add one more thing and wondrously, a release comes, everything fuses and becomes one variegated pattern with a quiet visual buzz on which that one new addition sits, a resting spot in a noisy world.

To explore this edge of excess, I am relying on the safety net of structure; it is not a precise grid, but an intuitively felt one that I hope viewers will also sense - something to make me feel brave and viewers reassured - something to connect us to a subtly comprehensible world that allows me to build complexity. 

In a spirit of free invention, I've also begun a series of experiments with the potential of some of the structural components to make sounds. These sounds are much simpler than those made by traditional instruments, but the objects are very curious and less daunting. Everything will flow from the viewer's decision to reach out and touch something.