q + a or the new dress : confected electronica

at (Rupen's) Natural Light Window, Oct. 2 - 31, 2003 Adelaide and Portland Streets, NW Corner (506 Adelaide) street viewing daily until bedtime (about 9am - 11 pm)

a collaboration between Libby Hague and Dennis Landwehr

The situation: The mother is getting ready to go out (new date, new dress) but the baby starts to fuss.

The baby: a red high chair, eyes like saucers, big mouth. Tears. CACA.

The mother: scattered, big breasts, new dress (pretty. revealing. (400@2.5 ma. leds, power source)), pearls.

An exhibition about dependency
Love and frustration.
Peace and quiet.
Negotiating skills.

you can help!? ( or not)

cell phone participation optional
karaoke fiction optional
instructions in the window


Thanks to: Rupen, Philip Anisman, Liz Parkinson and Yoko Ono (for inspiration)