Synchromesh @ Loop Gallery, Toronto

30th - April 21th, 2013 Reception: Saturday, March 30th, 2 - 5 PM Artists' Tea Party with Sung Ja Kim Sunday, April 14th, 2- 4 PM

Moving backward and forward in time, the artist connects her most vivid visual memories of growing up in Quebec with her current studio practice. Borduas, Riopelle, Pellan, Molinari's ink drawings, ceinture fléchée, the Main, red and silver roofs, winter, the river, the forests in winter, the forests in autumn, birch trees, church steeples, the cross on the mountain, stained glass, her family together Š. all slide easily into her print and sculpture studio work and emerge from an incremental additive process that moves towards complex recollected sensations. Like a net cast over different elements, thread, rope and wire combine to hold these past and present components in a delicate tension, presenting an abstracted view of Quebec from afar, but close to the heart of an Anglophone who left. In the ongoing debate about the place and role of non-Francophones in Quebec, it might be useful to consider what Quebec means to an English artist.     

The exhibition will also feature "Backbone", a new expandable, suspended sculpture made of rope and 24 pulleys suspending in turn, its own internal collection of smaller sculpture.