The uninvited guest (enters from skylight)

Big Head, big heart, the happy child

I usually find that work grows out of previous work but occasionally more anomalous, self-contained groupings are made that ask for a little respect and want to have their own show. They need to get out of the studio for fresh air and a sweet little gallery like Verso is perfect.

That these sculptures are visually connected suggested a family to me which suggested a family event - a birthday party. The titles of the sculptures suggest a Pinter / Ionescoish reunion and I rely on your own family get togethers to provide and amplify a backstory.  

I think we appreciate what we work for and find ourselves, so I am not inclined to "explain" the work beyond saying this. Many of these characters have an implied movement (from their puppet heritage) and I think some  would make good dance partners.  If you know Mark Morris (or  someone like him) and think he or she might  want  to choreograph a piece  for the Queen for a day you can ask them to contact me. If you aren't that well connected, then just imagine it. 

I want to thank  Julie Jenkinson for selecting this show. It's always an act of faith to take a chance on new work and I deeply respect anyone who take these risks.  Both  Kate Eisen and Julie Jenkinson have been supportive and enthusiastically entered into the spirit of the work with 2 birthday cakes, flowers, balloons and a birthday card for Little Darling and it's a pleasure to show here.

Family Dynamic titles are:

The friends are still in the kitchen
The smokers are still in the backyard
Big head, big heart, the happy child
I didn't touch anything
Swinger (Will there be  dancing?)
Queen for a day 
Uninvited guest (enters from skylight)  
My Back hurts (I don't like dancing), (Let me see those hands), (Don't make a spectacle of yourself)