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This piece was shown in an exhibiiton called "Where she's at" that also included the work of Barbara Balfour, Yael Brotman, Wanda Koop, Tanya Mars, and Leesa Streifler. It was helped along by Patrick Macaulay, Visual Arts Coordinator and Marlee Choo, Administrator.

Rehearsal for disaster keeps bringing us back to the same place, but each time the reduction woodcut technique makes the scene look more complicated, more disastrous. This "expressway to disaster" heads to its state of greatest elaboration - in this instance when it is crumbling and graffiti encrusted. Then it goes further and cut by cut it begins to be erased. Then everything is gone. The implied theme is one of extinction which is really so bleak I have to offer myself and everyone else the possibility that total disaster can be averted. The possibility of rescue and hope is suggested by a tiny, young acrobat who leaps down from the sky towards an even smaller baby and in the word "hello" hovering out there in the middle of no where. There is a lot riding on this small girl's shoulders.

Arguably, obsessively revisited scenarios are preoccupied with guilt and responsibility. We are practising until we get it right in the only part of our lives over which we have some measure of control - our imagination. We are practising for the big and small disasters that come our way. In this sense, this installation is a personal and a social experiment and this huge scenario is just the background for a trial of character and commitment.