martian odyssey: I will not be sad in this world* : book 1: luck

This is a fantasy of starting over in which children try to work out the rules of a new society.
They must put aside hatreds, forgive and accept the good in each other. Something different. more

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It began with compassion. Marianne had saved the babyıs life and now she felt responsible for it. She began to look around for a proper home. She wanted him to grow into sweetness in a better world but she wasn't thinking clearly. She began by naming him BB for "baby in a box."

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book background The 30 Martian Odyssey books were originally intended to have a one on one correlation with the artworks and to complicate and complement the ideas in the artwork. Like all good things they grew more complicated over time and the relationship with the original art is less direct. Last year I traded booklets for comments and this year I'm inviting you to send comments to me. Where it seems there is a sympathetic magic, I will incorporate them in the books. Otherwise space and other subjective considerations might lead me to use hyperlinks as a way of extending my own reach to include you. I'm feeling my way forward but am genuinely interested in what you have to say.

One of the central metaphors of the project is the idea of string theory which right or wrong, attempts to connect and make sense of basic contradictions in the world. Perhaps together we can try to do something of the sort. You can see how this is an ongoing project.

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