This is a slightly misleading category since almost all of my work is informed and partially composed of print. Nevertheless, I'm keeping this as a place card for the early work that was entirely print.



One Step at a time, Art Gallery of Mississauga, 2009
Rehearsal for everything
VAC, Bowmanville, 2008
Hot + Cold running water in Washi! @ Lennox, 2008
Vent du nord, Arprim 2008

Ice Storm @ Hamilton Print Studio 2008

Avalanche @ Offthemap 2006 - 2007

Martian Odyssey:home away from home 2006
Martian Odyssey: I will not be sad in this world*

Thematically, both Everything needs Everything and Rehearsal for Disaster deal with living in a precarious world. My point of view is secular. I use narrative to puzzle out how, without an external guiding code, we can determine and maintain humane social relationships.

They play out under Toronto's Gardiner Expressway. Usually emptied of people, except for the girl and the baby, the scene is a backdrop for a moral crisis. It portrays the moment of action when the girl, regardless of consequences, has committed herself to saving the baby.

We know disasters happen and we can't control that. We can, however, try to control how we respond and the idea of a rehearsal for disaster relates in this way, to the Freudian idea of obsession as a psychological preparation. The series as a whole revisits disasters and tries each time to show courage - at least in the imagination - our last and first defense. Along with the thrill and pity of vicarious destruction, the work is concerned with mutual dependency, with not giving up and not giving up on each other.

Everything needs everything

Open Studio
Open Studio (detail)

Eastern Edge

Elora Centre for the Arts

Rehearsal for Disaster and the dream of the red room Windsor Printmaker's Forum 2008

I want to thank the Ontario Arts Council
Rehearsal for Disaster
as part of Where she's at
Rehearsal for Disaster @ MSVU

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Broken conga line

9 05 : our town (theatres)

children see everything
good medicine installation view